Gelion wins Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz Award

Gelion’s reinvented Zinc Bromide redox-flow battery wins the Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz Award 2019. The pitch of Gelion’s CEO Rob Fitzpatrick convinced the jury of the election as wel as the audience of the European Industry & Energy Summit that the storage solution has the most impact on the energy transition.

Gelion has transformed the Zinc Bromide redox flow-battery technology into a more conventional stationary architecture. Instead of a pumped battery system with tanks and moving parts, the chemistry can be a self-contained block, like a Lead acid or Alkaline cell. This results in a consumer-friendly package that is much more economical, scalable and maintenance friendly, whilst retaining all the benefits of the Zinc Bromide technology.

Safe storage

During the European Industry & Energy Summit in Amsterdam nominees Climeworks, SoundEnergy and Gelion managed to convince the jury of the contribution of their innovations to the energy transition. Gelion stood out with a storage medium that is inexpensive, efficient and safe.

Jury chairman Rob Kreiter: ‘Gelion is an economical, safe and efficient form of storage supports the industry in the energy transition. Gelion has succeeded in combining the low cost of a flow battery with the ease of use of a fixed battery. The zinc bromide battery is therefor a real Industrial Energy Enlightenment.’

Runner ups

The other participants in the Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz competition Climeworks and SoundEnergy previously convinced the jury of their contribution to the energy transition. Climeworks invented a new, solid sorbent that uses waste heat to recover CO2. Kreiter: ‘Direct Air Capture is one of the solutions to cut down CO2-emissions. The use of a solid sorbent makes the technology economical and environmental more attractive. Especially since residual heat can be used to wash out the CO2. Therefore Antecy/Climeworks is a true Industrial Energy Enlightenment.’

SoundEnergy uses waste heat to cool processes or buildings. Kreiter: ‘The use of soundwaves to produce cold out of waste heat is an original approach that can change the industry. The robustness of the design and high performance makes the THEAC-25 a valuable Industrial Energy Enlightenment.’