3D Printing Content Conference


14 Nov 2018


Het Nieuwe Produceren



Most emphasis has been put on 3D printers, and there is no doubt that the industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. However, for 3D printing to prosper, there must be items to 3D Printing content to 3D print, 3D Printing marketplaces where those items can be found and secure distribution channels. A 3D Printing content owner focuses on the 3D content, irrespective where the 3D model will be 3D printed. This offers new opportunities for product manufacturers, 3D content rich organisations, brands, (product) designers, entrepreneurs, gaming industry, merchandising companies, and publishers to monetize their products/designs in new ways.


  • The creation of 3D Printing content – design and 3D modelling software
  • Digital distribution of 3D Printing content – marketplaces and online platforms
  • 3D Printing content as part of product manufacturers’ portfolios – from households to professional products
  • 3D Printing Content and Industry 4.0 / Smart Industry
  • The 3D Printing publisher / 3D Printing productmanager, a new profession?
  • 3D Printing content as part of merchandising – f.i. the gaming industry
  • Shifting from 2D content to 3D content – f.i. from graphic design to 3D design
  • The need for new business models
  • IP, liability, legal and technical issues

The Conference will consider these issues, present case studies from existing companies and from startups. How are some of the biggest brands in the world undertaking their first steps into this industry?