Sustainable Plastics & Materials Expo 2020


17 Nov 2020-18 Nov 2020


Het Nieuwe Produceren


Chemport Europe

Let op! In verband met het coronavirus is het event verplaatst naar 17 en 18 november 2020

Welcome to Sustainable Plastics & Materials Expo 2020! This first edition will take place on the 17th and 78th of November 2020 at the Raadhuisplein, located in Emmen. Emmen is specialized in al sorts of polymers and is in fact number one in Europe when it comes to specialised fibre chemistry.

The Expo focuses on the wide variety of bio-based and circular solutions. In particular on plastics and materials, ranging from biomass & raw materials, monomers & polymers and intermediate chemicals to chain integration, recycling & upcycling and bio-renewable.


  • Michael Carus, Nova Institute
  • Teijn Aramid

Theme sessions

  • Greenfill by Gerard Nijhoving, CEO Senbis
  • Paneldiscussion Bioplastics led by Peter Schelstraete, Co-founder Ubuntoo
  • Recycling and a new system for registration of used recyclate in new products by NRK/ Rethink Plastics